How to Switch from SQL server Express to Local Database using Sql Compact Edition 4

Is there a way to Switch from SQL server Express to Local Database using Sql Compact Edition 4
I think I need this because, I Want to use a terminal for new rules and actions for testing, it was previously setup with Sql server express conection from a sambapos server, but now i install the compact edition and try to edit the data source string and i cannot make it work with a local database

Just create a second DB on the swl express instance, I run almost a dozen DB on my sql server for vaius testing/dev databases.

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@JTRTech You are right, but what happen when i wont be able to be connected to the server sql

Same machine?..

it’s a different one

Most common issue is firewall. Also double check sql service is up and running.

Sorry I didnt explain myself properly, I mean when i am not in the same location that has the server, That’s is why i was triying to switch to a compact sql

LocalDB is bundled with samba install and connection string is usually blank for localDB.
Or just install sql express on dev machine.

Im triying to left the conection string empty but it saves the last texted thing and it never goes emtpy xD

TBH id just install sql express… its free and comes with tools for direct db viewing which is handy for advanced dev and would allow multiple DB on single machine for mylti setup development.

Urmn, how many locations would you have? Cant be THAT many… I think it’ll be easier to install SQL Express and have a backup copy… although I cant see what you are trying to achieve. Not enough time to work on an install and you want to move it around to work it trough maybe?

Do NOT ever use SQL Compact Edition (CE). Period. It is inferior to Express and defunct, no longer supported. There is no good reason to use CE whatsoever.

Use SQL Express (full for multiple connections) or SQL Express LocalDB (allows only 1 connection).

Use the backup facility to create a .BAK file (contains .mdf and .ldf files) and you can move it around where ever you want and restore it, similar to what you would do with a CE .sdf file.


Thank you all, at the end i clone the database to another one and start from fresh to develop stuff :smile: