How to trace location of deliverers using mobile number on google map in Sambapos 5


Hi Emre,

How to trace location of deliverers using mobile numbers on google map in Sambapos. Kindly guide me what i have to do.



You mean you want to trace the location of your staff doing deliveries?

If so, maybe you can look into a solution like this: It lets you install a tracker app on android / iOS device then access that tracker from the server application. However you would need to first set it up and get it working separately before you can consider to integrate with SambaPOS.

Once you have it working, it may be possible to integrate it to SambaPOS in a similar way as the standard Google Maps integration method, however I haven’t looked into it and purely found this from a quick web search.


Yes I want and thanks for this reply i will try this.


This is not working guys .Its already store location into database and then track from google maps.But i need to trace my staff using their mobile phone. how i can do this?


Is there any way to integrate GPS tracker into SambaPos so i can track my staff location during deliveries.Please guide me .


This is a big ask as not seen requested many times.
Doubt emre will build something in, you are best looking at @markjw route of using a web based tracking system and using the html widget like used for google maps.


Saw this on Facebook today.
Haven’t looked too deeply at it but offered realtime tracking.


Its not working .Please guide me its really urgent for me.


Afaik for civilian it’s nearly impossible to trace someone based hand phone/mobile number, so far i know tracing based on triangulation from several BTS and then can pin point the exact -+ meters location of the aforementioned mobile number.
Access to such neat features only available for :

  • Law Enforcement
  • Intelligent Services
  • The Mobile Provider

In my country there is some provider which provider user to user tracking but only available by authorization from the targeted user. I am sure also there is also certain fees per-request.

The services that are mentioned above are per-application tracking, so application installed in targeted phone will informing/updating location per-specifics timing to the specific servers and then you can view it in browser or custom made application. Also activating location/GPS tracking is hogging the battery, so unless your deliverer have some kind of power bank then the deliverer phone battery only last couple of hours (depending on battery capacity).

The per-application tracking is the one that you are most likely possible to integrated into sambapos, and i think it’s not easy.

IMHO the ideal way would be installing the tracker to the deliverer vehicle, thus will be draw its power from the car/motorcycle battery in which last longer than mobile battery. Such solution would not be cheap.


Sorry but you are unlikely to have anyone give you full step by step guide to this.
Unless someone has already setup they might offer assistance however given that it will certainly require 3rd party app/software/service and is not doable completely within samba.

You would certainly need to offer more information…

You would not be able to track based on numbers as the last post stated, others took it as you ment using their smartphone.
On this basis can you explaine what phones are being used by deliverers? Are they provided by you?
There are many services which could track a gps smartphone like findmyphone from icloud but what would work for you would depend on exactly what and how you want to use the setup.


Tracking deliverer location is not a built in V5 feature.

Basically you need to install an app to deliverer’s phone and it should constantly submit deliverer location to a location tracking service that is remotely accessible. So you can use tools or web pages that offered by the service and track deliverer locations. In our country cell phone operators offers such services.

As such service will cost money to the service provider I doubt you’ll be able to have this feature for free but there might be solutions I’m not aware of. Maybe you can build your own location tracking solution by using open source alternatives.

If you buy this service from a third party (or build by yourself) and can track driver locations inside a web browser, you can implement a custom V5 screen to embed tracking web page into SambaPOS to track driver locations without opening an external browser.


Thanks alot i will try this.


we use for our delivery management. they have open api’s to integrate with sambapos. they also integrate with gloriafoods in a few clicks. you can configure them to automate your delivery handling process, send realtime tracking to customers and get them to give you feedbacks. WE have been using them for over a year and love it.