How to Track Daily reports on endless Report for sometime

At one of Our Store the Manager Did not end the work Period from 1st March to 10th May as noticed now. now that His gone we want to filter them By Day with the accountant we are unable due to the same reason, when we pull a day its giving that same period. Is there a way we can Try and filter them as daily.

To have report for a specific time range you can enter time while defining the date filter. Like 1/3/2018 07:00.

For permanent solution you can try maintenance functions to clear and rebuild all work periods. Try it first on a backup to ensure it works fine. While rebuilding work periods enter a start and end time for newly created workperiods. For example if store opens at 7 AM and closes ad 10 PM enter 7 and 22. Or you can enter 6 and 1 to crate work periods that starts at 6 AM and ends at 1 AM on next day. Please keep in mind if there are tickets created out of the configured ranges these tickets will not appear in reports.


So would be good to do say 00:00 to 23:59?

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Thank you @emre. This works Very fine Thank you for the development.