How to transfer all the date between windows users

Hi i dont know if i will have to transfer the whole database when i have created new user on windows 10.
Basicly i have my admin account with all my data and where i have set up Samba v5 and then i have created a new user for my staff to use it on and to acces it with tablet. But here is the issue the samba on new user is allready instaled but i empty :frowning: Can anyone help please

If your using LocalDB its per user single instance database. If already using SQL you will just need to set the database string to the SQL instance as local config files will also be per user I beleive.
How are you running your tablets? If they are windows and your linking to SQL you will definatly need to install SQL express rather than localDB.
If they are not and your planing to use RDP you know this will logout the user on the PC as normal windows onlly supports a single session.

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