How to Update Last Order?

I Want to update Margherita Price using Button without Select Margherita Product?
using Action Rules any possibility ?

why not use the price change function? you will probably have to select it otherwise how will samba know which item on the order to change, unless you hard code a margarita pizza order?

Use the update order action

I try to use action update order but they update all orders not only single order

You need to select the order you want to amend and in your rule you need to add the constraint for {SELECTEDORDERS} so your rule only applied to the order you select

I create a button UPDATE with actions Update order and put item name price etc
but i don’t want to select order on screen
any solution ?

You would need to select in automation. There is a select order action with option of select last order.
So with update as ticket mapped command with first action as select last order you will pragmatically select the last order for you following update order action to act on.
Then use further automation to inspect if required which I think would need to be refresh using display ticket with I’d of 0.