How to use 5 kitchen prinetr in 1 computer?

how to use 5 kitchen prinetr in 1 computer?

with a switch and six data cables.
But you must have ethernet entry printer.

yes but how to add in software

You just install them on Windows and name each one differently.
Samba just uses Windows printer list.

please can you send me this method in pics…

What, how to install the printer into Windows???

You need to install in Windowsbwfore samba can do anything with them…

I want to know how we can print using 5 printers at a time, where there are options for entering 3 printers in the software.

No one undestand you but what ever your question is it ther is only one place Manage -> Printing

5 kitchen printers… it sounds like you are saying you have 5 printers, 1 for each section such as, kitchen mains,kitchen starters,bar,counter for reprint etc…

If thats the case, once you have configured your printers to work in windows…
Do the following…

In windows make sure you name each printer something different… e.g. kitchen1,kitchen2 etc…

In SambaPOS from “Main Menu” go to "Manage–》Printing–》Printers.

On the right click add printer, and assign printer name to match each printer(do this 5 times… meaning press "Add Printer 5 times) save it.

Then in Print jobs, you can assign what products prints to what printer using whatever template you want.

Hope this helps.

thanks for all guys i am Done.