How to Use A Voucher Code

Hello, Im trying to configure a setting that involves bringing up a code in Samba in order to use a voucher and to track the number of Vouchers used

You need to offer more info to get good advice.
What type of voucher? Prpaid credit voucher? Complimentary free coupon type voucher?
@QMcKay did a good credit voucher tutorial a while back.

Okay sorry about that. Im offering a 20Pounds off every order to boost sales and I need to be able to input that code when Customers bring in their coupons. The Voucher button just tenders payment but I need it to open a dialog box where you can input and validate codes before updating payments

Check this:

Thanks Q, sorry I did have a quick search but couldnt find it but that would be because you called it certificate rather than voucher :wink:

From sounds of it @dolispy you are going for the second option I mentioned which is why I asked, most likely you would not be running entities and accounts for this type of voucher as they are not bought they are equivalent to discount.

Thanks @JTRTech and QMcKAy, the tutorial has been really helpful. This may be a repetition but Im still trying to understand it. Moving directly to the menu screen has been quite challenging. In Version 5, I cant find the create ticket option. I moved to the entity screen and in the mapping tab, I selected visibility to POS . Which worked except now I cant select tables or customers directly from the menu screen. Is there something I did, I shouldnt have done?? thanks for your patience

The option to go to POS rather than entity screen in the ‘Create Ticket Method’ setting in the department options.

Selecting entities I would imagine you have either changed the entity mappting for the ticket type or have no entities but a lack of information from you makes it hard to be more precisse.
When you can cant select you mean there is no 'Select Table or ‘Select Customer’ button or on the entity screen there is no entity?

I can see “Select Table or 'Select Customer” button on the menu screen but its greyed out. I think because of the entity screen mappings because when ever I reset visibility back to “All” I can see those buttons again. This is what I did

And you dont want it set to All because?
I have never changed that option so not actually sure what it does… but what does the change do which makes you not leave it as all?

I just tried going to settings and changed the ticket to create ticket method and that didnt do anything

when i changed the entity screen mapping “visibility” to POS for all the screens, Im able to go straight into the pos menu but I cant click on 'select table, customer or gift certificate. by the way your tutorial rocks.

Leave visibility set to “All” … there should be no reason to change that to “POS”.

Set Ticket Creation Method to “Create Ticket” in the Department settings.

Logout, and Login.


Changes to Department settings or Menu Settings require a logout to reset cache.

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Thanks everyone.It really helped
I have a new issue which may not be a Samba Issue, apologies if I’m a bother.
So I set up Order tags and mapped it with a product and everything works fine: since its a Pizza shop, my order tags comes with prices so i have this right

and since my prices are different I have a lot of order tags with different prices and the products its mapped to has no price
Now the issue, Looking at my database,the order product price is zero. I figured join the order table and order tag table together to show the order tag price as the product price right? but there’s no link between them. Does anyone know how to do this?? Hope this is enough information