How to use admin changes on ticket without changing user by ticket

So, for example: Waiter create a ticket and made a mistake. Admin use admin login for change (as a “void”) and close it. After this action, the ticket user will be changed to admin user and waiter can not to see the ticket. I need a solution for this problem: how to use admin privileges withous user changing?

How about rather than restricting the button to admin visability allow button for all but set require admin pin.
That way a non admin can see and press button but admin would need to enter/swipe pin.
Downside is the void would show as the non admin user so if you need to log authersising admin. To do that you would need additional automation.

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I think that a good solution, but I don’t understand how it works. You can send a links for tutorials?

Don’t have links to hand.
Check the mapping for the automation command button for say void. Change to * for user role.
And change drop-down on main page to admin pin.


wow, it’s a very simple, thank you.

You could even have a separate admin menu using custom auto commands and switch menus to assign buttons per user. It’s more complicated but buttons don’t show for cashiers but allows admin to “login” over the top of a cashier to display admin functions and then revert straight back to cashier settings

Takes a bit to setup, just another way to do it