How to use API. (Google Calender API)

Is there any tutorial of how to use API.

How to pull out data from website

Auto-Correct address while adding new Customer

You questions a bit contradictory…
You say calendar then say about addresses…

There is a topic somewhere where kendash sorted the google address from postcode script…
Looking at its still in the beta forum. It should be alright to move over now as it was before V5 was released…
But it covers main aspects of doing an address lookup, obviously would need some tweeking to work with another country.
Id prefer kendash to switch it over to open forum just encash (it was his topic);

You probably cant view it on this link as still in beta, @Jesse ok to move this to open V5?

He could study the config task for Google address post code. Install it and inspect how it’s setup.

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Yes I can not view.

Page said “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”


I am new here. what is config task for Google address post code.
how to inspect it once I don’t know what is it

Here is public Google maps tutorial

Sorry I don’t want this

I would like to show a drop down list of address while I am adding a new customer.

You won’t get a drop down list, google maps doesn’t offer house level addresses just street level, ie from postcode you get state, city, town, street.
For list of houses you would need an address database which are generally very expencive to house level unless you only buy one postal area. (At least in uk)
Additionally I haven’t seen a way to achieve a dropdown style address search in samba entity data only prefil fields based on one or postcode gives city,town and street.

Configeration tasks are like mini installers.
If you go to Configeration tasks in the admin section of samba you will get a list of a few sample ones.
If not there is an option somewhere to download default tasks.
The U.K. Google postcodes one is in the default/sample task set.