How to use Dine In and Take Away Menu in the same ticket

:arrow_right: {:CURRENTMENU} is a helpful tag that will read what Menu you currently are in. This will be useful for additional automation.

Create a Change Screen Menu action

Create your Take Away and Dine In Menus and set your pricing accordingly

Create a Change Menu Automation Command button map it where you want my example will be Ticket

Create an Automation Command Executed rule as follows

How it looks in practice


This is just a basic setup. You could customize it further to your needs.

Useful, thank you very much sir!

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@Jesse Do we need to create two products and assign or can we use price definition ? as its going to be big list of products thanks

How are you doing it now?

Its really up to you how you want to do it. Can you just use a price list editor? No probably not. Do you have to make new products, no not necessarily but that would be one way to do it.

@kendash Thanks for quick reply as iam using two departments with one menu and assigned price tag so its just one menu basically to change price some time price tag editor works good for me can u suggest me thanks alot

What is the difference between your dine in and take away items? Is it just a price difference?

Some people have completely different menu so they would have different products etc. Some people dont.

@kendash Its a price difference not a fixed percentage , So completely its different price on each product, And also can u pls post ask question so each order asks question to choose menu (department)thanking you.

I dont think that would be smart… that would get anoying for your servers fast. I would just ask when ticket created and then put a button for them to choose if customer decides to change mind later.

This is not switching department this is strictly a menu switch.


The tag above would be useful for you to automate something for switching price list. That reads the current menu you can use that in a constraint.

Can we use Change Price List action to switch to different prices?

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I was thinking Emre we can do that… but wouldn’t it be more intuitive if we could link price list with a menu? Would that avoid extra automation for something so simple?

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Should it be menu based or menu item based?

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Hmm for sake of time probably menu based but… i could see where Item based would be beneficial too if you do not want entire menu.

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so finnally… my desired HAPPY HOUR is on the table, jajajajjajajajaja
nice, I will try to implement this…



PD… guys… as you can see I am trying to catch up… but its difficult… so made so much in sol little time…