How to use inventory and stock & warehouse?

hi i am vip member,
i buy sampos few days a go, all ok but i can’t setup inventory,
why samba inventory is so hard? i saw this tutorial

but i can’t get it how to use it properly,simple think i want to add in inventory, example:

i have purchase 40 coke and i have 40 coke in my stock, when i sell it i want to add 1 plastic glass and lemon slice, when my sell completed then my stock will show 39 coke, this is very hard for me, please help me, my shop facing big trouble,please give me perfect video tutorial or step by step screenshot post for how to use inventory and stock to sell,
waiting for your replay,

How do you mean your a VIP member?
Excuse my ignorance but the forum is comunity powered, if you mean you have paid samba for pro support then I’d contact them directly.

You need to setup recipes for inventory consumption which is what translates orders in to inventory.
This is standard methodology for hospitality inventory systems.
You would obviously need to setup inventory items for the lemon and glasses to go into the recipe.

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My perfect answer is that the tutorial you listed is the perfect tutorial. I am a VIP forum admin so you can trust me.


i want to know how use inventory and warehouse perfectly, i use latest samba version and all options are not same, so can you help me? just give me a road map, i can do this, for example, ----first go settings then go warehouse -----------ect
please give me this road map, i hope i can do this,
thanks for your help,i hope you will replay me asap,

That tutorial is the best roadmap on here. I don’t know much else to say.

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