How to use {ORDER TAG LIST:X}

I personally do not think it would be useful to include price with that tag. The tag as it is now does a good job for a need that many people have. This is the first time ive ever seen someone request inline pricing with it as well. Most people prefer to have a total price on right or list each one with price on right like normal Order Tags.

However I can see how someone might want Price included in line… but I can understand Emre perspective on it as well.

Right now, I have to show order tag with price so, kitchen know this this extra charge. Some time server just type free tag and we don’t know if they charge extra or not. So kitchen know to reduce other thing or just give extra.

Its probably just me not knowing your work flow but why would kitchen need to know order tag price? Dont they just cook it and server handles payment?

That sounds interesting can you explain that?

I think maybe I understand… your dishes are made specific way and you tell kitchen NO - modifier to take something off. But I am still somewhat confused by what you said… Surely you dont list all modifiers if dish comes preset options already? You only show NO modifiers or Extra modifiers?

I am still having hard time understanding how price affects kitchen flow though.

For ex. if the dish has mix shrimp, squid, mussel, scallop, Server tag more shrimp so, should chef give more shrimp then reduce mussel, scallop or just add extra shrimp

Ok That is interesting situation… Maybe the server should be disciplined to take order specific way… or maybe menu should force them to do it a specific way. Sounds like lots of possibility to confuse kitchen.

Perhapse extra should be clearly marked as Extra instead of showing price. Then you can still use that tag…

So if chef sees extra its same thing as seeing price.

If chef sees More it means reduce the others.

Use Extra and More as the signals instead of price.

Yes, that why showing price then no need to call server to ask. If chef see extra price he just add extra.