How to use Samba POS as Food Truck

Dear All,
we would like to use SambaPOS in Food Truck company.
There will be 30 Food Trucks selling bakery everyday.
Can i use SambaPOS as centralized database? So that each Food Truck sales will be updated in HQ server database.
Any mobile add on module to SambaPOS?
Please, suggest me which module need to buy?
MD Hasan

Under the current scenario you need one license running per truck. They all need to have internet connection on them and using Metrik the reports can be viewed in HQ. Please note Metrik is in its early stages at the moment can provide basic reporting.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your suggestion.
So, i need to have POS machine in each Truck with “internet Modem”. Do we have any Samba Android Version?
MD Hasan

There is a Android app but it’s for table ordering so doesn’t handle payments and is also client only app so would still need a ‘server’ to connect to.
Also you said update from HD, this is not posible with metrik etc.
You would need database and licence per truck.

What your asking for does not exist yet. Sambapos does not support multi location central branch. Metrik let’s you see basic sales of multi locations by polling each location. You can use slim windows tablets just fine. I personally use a full pos terminal at my food truck it works great. I don’t like tablets for POS any more they always tend to break.