How to use the Epson TM-T20II printer?

I’ve recently bought this printer and I’m really bad at setting this up. I want this printer to print out bills, I have no idea of I messed up someone.
I went to POS and quickly made a bill and tried printing it however, it didn’t work

You just need to install the printer on your pc and choose it from the drop down list on printer setting in sambapos than choose ticket printer as printer type. If you need more help let me know.

I’ve tried that, here’s what I do step to step

  1. I go to printer and add a new printer called “Test”
  2. For Printer Type, I’ve chosen my printer (Epson)
  3. I go to print jobs and add a new print job also called Test and I added a print map which goes to my printer (Test)
  4. Then I got into POS and make a quick bill however it doesn’t print
    Note: If I go to reports and try to print something it works out perfectly

You also need to add an action to execute print job and make a rule to execute that action

Would you mind giving me a step to step guide? From the beginning would really be helpful too. I’m really confused at the moment and I would really apperciate it if you could do that. I’m going to be naming the printer Test and same with the printer job

Yes i can. I will just finish something here first

Thanks you very much, I appreciate this, also please start from the beginning

If you can print report than you set up everything right except what i told you

Do yo want to print bill on payment or ticket to kitchen when items added and ticket closed?

I want it just to print out a bill for the chief to refer to what to cook and for the customer to pay with.
However it hasn’t been working out for me

So you open ticket add items than customer pay and after the kitchen make the reservation?

I’ve opened the ticket but I want to print it, whenever I try to print the bill it doesn’t work
I just want to print the bill

If you can pm me your db i can check what is the issue

How do I pm a DB and what is a DB?

I’m sending you a pm

Alright, while I’m waiting can anyone else help?

check this settings

Also check this

There are some good printing tutorials in the tutorial section of forum.

For some odd reason, it started working now, I was just testing the program, but thanks!

  1. Download the official driver here:

  2. Run the install for the driver and follow directions, choose your exact printer and the port that it is connected under.

  3. Once done with the install go to control panel, hardware and sound, devices and printers. Find your printer there right click on it and click printer properties. Bottom right you have “print test page”. A test page should then print in your printer, it not DO NOT proceed until you have it working.

  4. Now go in samba printers, by default you should have ticket printer there already, double click it and for the printer selection drop down you should see your installed printer. Click it, and then for printer type choose “Ticket Printer”.

  5. By default your printer should be printing right now unless you messed with the print jobs and templates.