How to View Void Report only when payment has been placed

any other suggestions !!

Your on the right track we just need to fix your flow. Sorry I do not need this so I did not attempt to build it. If I get time today I will look at it and try to help you further.

thanks alot will be looking forward to it

I just want to make sure…Do you ever Void orders before Payment?

yes we do void orders before payment

Ok thank you that clears it up for me… so it really is just a reporting issue. You want void to function as is but you just want it reporting only after payment. You do not want to see voids at all until its paid.

I have one question for that…what if the customer does not pay? What do you do with the void? I know it would be a rare case but what if customer got up and left without paying after you had voided an order? Do you prepare the food before payment?

EDIT Sorry for all the questions I am trying to understand your work flow so I can suggest ideas to you.

yes mostly payment is made after settling food…and if customer walks out we will just void the order

@Jesse waiting for ur guidance :smile:

Sorry I have not forgot. I am in process of selling my house so I’ve been very busy thus week.

ok i shall wait then

@Jesse you seem to be active today :slight_smile:

Basically you need a rule that after Payment Processed it changes any Void Order states to a reportable state. The reportable state would be the one you made. So you would update order so it performs the actual void and any changes to inventory etc that you want it would set it to a specific state of void until payment processed… This state is not reported… when payment is processed it would change that void state to a specific reportable state that you made and defined as reported.

well how do i define a state to be reportable, any specific command

anyways i got the custom report module today so thinking to do changes via report

and for that i have to learn everything and idea how shall i begin

@Jesse can you please let me know in which table are we storing void details.

i want to make a query but cant find the table where the void details are stored

By default, Void is an Order State, so it will be found in the [Orders] table in field [OrderStates]

use [SambaPOS4]

FROM [Orders]
AND [OrderStates] like '%Void%'

If you have renamed the State to VStatus, you need to search for it instead:

AND [OrderStates] like '%VStatus%'

If you are storing Void Reason, you need to know how you are storing it (i.e. Ticket level or Order level, and as a State or as a Tag), and look in the appropriate Table ([Tickets] or [Orders]) under the appropriate Field (i.e [OrderTags] or [OrderStates]).

thanks @QMcKay a great help i will look into it


rule that after Payment Processed it changes any Void Order states to a reportable state. The reportable state would be the one you made.

are you refering to the void rule that i have defined or i need to setup a new rule?

i am again trying to add this void funtionality…hope this time i can make it