How to Void Order Tags

Just have a quick question to refresh the topic.
I am using the generic Cancel Item setup and after reviewing site data we get this after trying to cancel a ticket?

Can someone please help me with the correct procedure to cancel the Order Tag “Toasted as well”.
Thank you.

Hmm cancel item is not same as void. Did you mean void item setup? Default void setup will work ok with order tags.

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Hey Kendash I need to check which action they used but it was whatever got the “lines” through the products names…

The default setup uses update order action. Show those settings?

Rule and Action:


Something is wrong because your product has no price.

Cancel orders wont work on submitted. That is only for nonsubmitted. For submitted you need to use void.

Ok I will go to site and see how they did this? I try to recreate myself but do we need to handle Order Tags differently to Orders?

See your reply above, maybe they used REOPEN Ticket in an attempt to kill the ticket?

No your using wrong action. You should be voiding. You can not cancel orders for submitted. Cancel orders only works if they are not written to db yet.

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Ok so VOID will (or should) kill the Order Tag as well?

Yes it will. I use it every day.

Thats your db :slight_smile: notice the $200 order tag

Ok I will check, I suspect I have a hole in my flow then with REOPEN Ticket as it is the only real change I made to default flow. Must allow them to cancel somehow…

See above but you have no $200 balance right?

So can you submit a ticket and then reopen and cause the problem as my WP is closed :slight_smile:

Umm I just noticed it was held as well…

Correct its 0 as you can see. You should disable cancel button for submitted orders. You can use mapping for that.

This was my first use of Order Tags we did it LIVE when the query came up. The setup is not effecting this?

Your tags are fine. Its not your tags.

Void uses update order action to void the order.

Found the source of the error @Jesse - it is the implementation of Q’s Refund Item (back to Inventory). I will need to check the flow to see why it does not have Order Tags as well.

Offending Rule & Action:

So yes it reset’s price to 0 so shall I just get it to match the void Rule? Or shall call the Void Rule…

This if I just get rid of Price=0.00 thingy all is good…

Hi jesse
Hope you are doing well
Can you please tell me how to set dash line on item when we void an item

It should be crossed out for void on default install.
You can do custom formatting also using order state formatting.

Yes I did it
i found it it in forum
Thanks for your reply