How to work with more than one POS

Hi, im using Sambapos in a restaurant for quite a while, its working perfectly. I have two computers, one i use to be the server and im running SambaPOS on SQL Server 2012. The other computer is the pos, where i take my customers orders.

I have installed one more computer to take customers orders, its connected to the same database the other pos is. My question is, when i log in this computer, it opens the same work period that the other computer is already working. I need this new computer to have a new work period, entirely separate from the other on. How is it possible?

Thank you.

It would need to run its own database separate from the other one. Can you share with us why you need a separate work period for it?

You should not need a separate work period, but since we do not know the business flow your trying to achieve it is hard for us to recommend something for you.

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Its a fast food restaurant. I always had only one place for people to order and pay, but im selling more now and i need to have two places to order and pay. I want two separates work periods because at the end of the day i need to check if the money received is correct. So i need to check this for each person.

Sorry if im not so clear, english is not my native language.

Thank you.

There is a way to balance/reconcile from more than 1 Terminal and more than 1 Cash Drawer without having separate WorkPeriods. This Tutorial shows how it can be done using a single Database in 1 WorkPeriod:

Thank you very much, it solved my problem.