How to zero Accounts?


I have just got the system up and running now would like to zero the accounts is there a simple way of doing this?



go to manage, and select database tools from the menu, then select database tasks

select Clear database transactions, this will delete all transaction including inventory, tickets, accounts etc



Sorry for sounding dumb so if I do this it wont clear the database of products etc? It will just clear all the ticket listings accounts etc? Thanks Gaz


Correct. It clears transaction data… Sales, Payments, Inventory Purchase and Consumption, etc.

It does not clear Products, Menus, Inventory Items, or any configuration or Automation that you have implemented.


Dont seem to have the option database tools on my version?? Any ideas??


@GozoGaz If your using version 4 you have to purchase Database Tools module from and activate it inside SambaPOS through the Main Menu > Samba Market. If using version 5 it comes with Database Tools module already installed and activated.


Is it possible to clear only the inventory and not the sales reports? This is in version 4 with the Database tools


Not sure but imagine worst case you could do a closeing stock adjustment and adjust to 0, Not clearing but setting to 0 at least?