How use a Number Generator on Bill Print Job

I review some info / tutorials but understand how to make a Number Generator on every Bill Printed, I have the action to print when finish payment (on close/finish payment) but unknow how make a “Add Number on bill/invoce” diferent of ticket because the correlative on Bill/Invoice are diferent of ticket of course. I make the “Number Generator (named Invoice)” and thicket type (named Invoice too), but unknow how asign or use this number on Bill/invoice (print template or generator to sum every time print job bill).

Please help to resolve, I think is a easy way but unknow how.


In other words you just want like a take away number generated on your receipt which increases by 1 each time correct?

Have you added the printer tag { TICKET NO } to your print template

yes, just need use a independent number on invoice/bill diferent of ticket…

Do you want this number generator to reset back to zero after you end work period?

i think is in a 2 steps, first make the number generator, and use this number generator type to bill/invoice, second use this number in bill template. but unknow how make this 2 steps.

no, is a general number not reset never (is a invoice), i think is really easy but unknow how :frowning:

Have you created a new ticket type called bill/invoice?

You should then create a new number generator called bill/invoice (which i think you mentioned you already did?)

Then in you new ticket type for bill/invoice you should assign the bill/invoice number generator and save it

Now you need to create an action to change ticket type, set it up to change it to bill/invoice

Then create a rule that will change the ticket type, so for example you could create an auto command button on the screen that when pressed changes the ticket type to be bill/invoice, this will then print you bill/invoice number on the receipt so it will be independant toma normal sale with its own numbering

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ok steps 1 and 2 and 3 is done, unknow how to finish 4 step.

Step 4… unknow.

Create an automation command button for bill/invoice and use mappings to place the button on the pos screen

Then create a rule to link the auto command burton to your change ticket type action

So create a new rule, the type of rule select automation command executed from the drop down box

Under the constraint section select automation command from the first drop box, then select equals, then in the last drop box select the name of the auto command button you created

Then in the action section of the rule click the link to add an action and add your change ticket type action you created and save

Now when you press you bill/invoice button on pos it will change the ticket type and your bill/invoice number should print


I make this few times and no look. In database just create a standar ticket number but not new ticket, i “just” need a correlative number on invoice/bill (factura) separate from ticket number, and this document/number is create when payment is full. I think is so complex and many many hours of time can’t make this action.

aditional… i not need change normal ticket number, i need create a separate number for a ticket, i understand the complex because is just print a bill… all need print a bill difererent from ticket number (in my country the bill/invoice/factura is a legal correlative document and ticket is a transactional/operational number).

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There already is a different number called {TICKET ID} you can use it in your template on the ticket closed event or ticket closing event.

{TICKET ID} is only generated when a ticket is submitted.

the thicket no is incremental but skip some numbers and not work because need a unique incremental number… is frustrated

what event name in the rule?

Ticket Id is only generated on ticket submition, ticket number is generated on ticket creation.
Ticket number will skip as if cancel all and close it will use one but ticket id will not.
However ticket id will still be used in the case of close a ticket, reopen and void all. This is cause void is still kept in database.
This is standard practice, all recorded tickets will have an incremental unskipped

Ok it seems your using two different conversations for the same thing.

{TICKET ID} and {TICKET NO} are NOT the same thing. {TICKET ID} does not skip.

Please please do NOT start multiple conversations for the same thing.


hello I’m interested to know if you are successful and how?


You are in Perú, right?

Boleta o factura señor?

It must be the only country where you have to ask the customer before printing “What kind of ticket do you want, sir?”

It makes things more dificult and more subject to human error.

You need a serial AND correlative number AND kind of SORTED.

TKT number are created when the TKT is created, so you have this kind of ticket numbering:
When there is an inspection it’s hard to find the paper tickets …

That’s why a sorted “printed”-ticket number is kind of needed.

As only the paper printed is legal in Perú, better create a Ticket Tagl variable, print it on a normal ticket and increment it.