How would you organise two lounge with their own cashier in SambaPOS?

The two lounges will have their own seating and their own workers generally not crossing over, the host may also be stationed at their own entrance.

Since this is imaginary scenario, I will add the specifics when it comes up to be considered.

Lets say there is only

one kitchen
-two rooms / lounge
-seperate servers so the QMX screen of tables and order list … should be different,
-separate host so they need to see their own table screen,
-separate cashier so seperate card machines and at the end of day, the cash re-count, tips adjust and such will be done separately in the two lounges
-menu for both lounges will be same(may be the most is a default screen set to the theme of the room with the Terminal ID)

Is “Department” in SambaPOS a logical solution for this scenario?

Your not specifying much as to what level of separation you need.
You could just set reports based on terminal id/name.
You could run two separate sambas.
There are plenty of other factors, will they run the same menu. Do they have separate card machines etc. If there one kitchen between the two or two kitchens?