How you take SambaPOS screenshot in VMWARE Fusion

I’m now using Vmware Fusion on Mac. I can’t figure out how can I take screenshot of SambaPOS and port it on forum using Safari.

Try Command + Shift + 3, it get the shutter sound but no picture in clipboard.
Try Send Key: Print Scrn, it only available in Windows not Mac.

Doesn’t it save image to desktop by default on Mac?

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LOL, never look at my desktop. I thought it gonna be in clipboard :blush:

There is an alternate key combo for clipboard.
Think you have to hold alt aswell or something. Whatever it is it’s an aquard key combo… I have the grab utility on my dock as find its easier and if you leave open iTunes same option for shape and output if I remember right.

Got it press Control as well.
But I think maybe I just install Bootcamp again. No Paint app, download PaintBrush but it doesn’t auto sizing to fit the image in the clipboard :frowning: