HTML Barcode & QR Code Printing Issues

  1. Printing Barcodes via HTML results in blurry prints.
  2. QR Code printing does not work when printing via HTML.

These issue are not present when printing via ESC/POS. Is there a workaround to fix these issues? I’d like to stick with HTML for much better looking receipts.

Please see the picture below for examples. (Zoom in on the HTML barcode on the right)


In pos mode you will be sending the code to printer for it to render.
In html it will be sent as an image which will probably be the reason why it’s not as sharp.
You can specify size if I remember right, maybe tweak and see if adjusting helps to ensure it’s not being rendered in one size then resized again.

I will give that a try. Do you know if there is a way to print QR codes via HTML?

Never tried.
So your using the pos type commands to generate?
Since in theory these tell the printer the code which it then generates the barcode I’m slightly surprised it works in html. In the same way the xct drawer kick code doesnt work in html mode.
Iguess either samba catches and renders or i suspect more likely the print driver.
Are you using supplied printer driver or generic text?

In worst case I can think of a work arround but wouldn’t be very pretty.
In theory you should be able to use scripts to get a qr code image from an online service/api and use the directory for the file within the html. Never tried but should theoretically be posible. However would be better to see what kind of response you get from others more familier with using html for a template format. I have always kept it simple and used pos mode.

Yes it’s HTML template but the <BAR> command works, just prints out blurry and makes it very hard for a barcode scanner to read.
<QR> doesn’t work. Is there a way to specify the certain part of the template to run as ESC/POS?

Currently using an EPSON T88V with the official driver.