HTML Printer Formatting


i try use html tag in the template print but dosn’t work ? when use tag Picture does not show in the thermal printer

I use the "Html type"because of the Arabic TEXT

HTML printer name might be misleading but unfortunately it does not support html tags. It translates SambaPOS tags to HTML for postscript printing. It also does not support <BMP> tag but I’ll check if we can implement it for HTML printer. Thanks.

PS: With latest update we support changing the order of characters in ticket printer mode. Maybe you can try testing that.

hi @emre

my test printer

character code :1256

printer Epson TM-T20

the best receipt html
the img dosn’t show

It seems your printer does not support Arabic raw fonts. I’ve added support for <BMP> tag for html printer. It will be available on next release.

@emre good afternoon

Nice but what about other tag bacode,elc can I use it when type is HTML ???

Thank you

No only ticket printer supports that. We can support barcode printing with HTML printer but I don’t have needed test hardware atm. Next week I’ll be at my office and I’ll try implementing that.

Barcode printing with HTML printer will be supported on next release [4.1.18]

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