Html printers supports <BMP>, <BAR>, but <QR>?


I sometimes (so, manual) need to send a ticket to the customer, in PDF format.

I’t be better that the PDF looks like the printed ticket, which contains BMP (logo) and QR (sumary of the ticket’s information)

I am using the following printer:

  • Printer: Microsoft Print to PDF
  • Printer Type: html

I am using the same template as the printed ticket.

<BMP>Logo is PDF'printed ok. (too big but can be solved.
<BAR> is working (but I don't use it)
<QRxy> is not PDF'printed.

I was reading the forum and I think I understood that from the ticket template, a ps file was passed to the printer, did I get it right? Does that means that the QR code is not included in the ps file?

Is there another way to PDF print my ticket the same way it is going out of my termal printer?