HTML Ticket Printer Setup - Serial Connection

We currently have Ithaca iTherm280 printers connected to our terminals via serial. Printing as HTML works, but there is about a 5-8 second delay before printing begins. Does anyone know if HTML printing requires specific configurations with printers, or if some printers just don’t support it.

Looking to switch from ESC/POS to HTML, but I can’t if it means I have to replace my printers.


The delay could be network related or printer related.

The difference is html processes it on pos side and sends it as image to printer.

Esc/pos is printer language so formatting happens on printer

Some printers you can’t notice a difference, some are slower with html.

5-8s delay sounds like network speed or a driver setting.

If you can print a windows test print with no delay it may be something in driver settings. Esc/pos will always have a slight advantage mostly because it’s very basic and all format processing is done on printer. Hence why it’s limited.

Okay, I’ll play with it. I’m guessing it could be related to data transfer speeds of the serial port. Maybe it is a setting though. Kate says she wants it to look nicer hah. Specifically the tip box section. She liked the template you sent me earlier.

You can also use document printer. But I am a novice with it.

Html and document printer both can make some very nice templates.

I’ve noticed this in different settings but most common was lack of gigabit switch while using LAN ports. Using gigabit switch it prints almost as fast as it would as using the USB.

Yeah with a good setup you can’t even tell the difference. The main thing to understand is it’s sending it as an image. Basically the same way any windows printer would print.

Esc/pos was built for speed so all formatting is done by the printer. But now days most printers are so fast it doesn’t matter.

I double checked the printers settings and realized the Baud Rate was at a pretty low setting. I changed it from 19200 BPS to the highest setting possible 115200 BPS and now its taking around 1 second.

I also had to mess with the cut options since it wasn’t cutting. I’m guessing that a USB/Lan connection would be even faster, but I think this will be sufficient.

Thanks, looks like I’ll get to switch to HTML printing.


Scratch that. Multiple ticket prints and the printer freaks out. Starts beeping and printing garble on the second one. I’ll try turning the Baud Rate down.

Hopefully you can find a happy medium

Thanks, switched it to 57600 BPS and no errors. Just a little slower. There is also a flow control option I could look into. At the same time these printers are very old and I’m guessing newer ones wouldn’t have this issues. I’m sure we’ll still convert to HTML. Thanks for the insight.