HTML Viewer question

Is the HTML viewer storing Cached websites? I have mine set for a localhosted url…TimeTrex install. I updated my main login page to not display the two Social Advertising buttons… but the HTML viewer is still showing the old page it will not update to the new page unless I delete the widget and re-add it. Same thing happend with Update Widget action and HTML viewer. I had buttons that when pressed updated the HTML viewer to different page… but the pages were cached and it was pulling up an older URL. I had to again delete the two button widgets and add them again.

HTML viewer is embedded Internet Explorer. We don’t cache pages but IE may.

I don’t think I explained it well. Let me retry.

I assigned two command buttons to control the widget. Each button had a different web address. I was initially using a cloud hosted TImeTrex address for testing until HTML 5 local version was released. THe buttons were set to update widget to I upgraded my TimeTrex local install to HTML5 this morning and I changed the buttons to localhost:8085/TimeTrex blah blah blah…I closed design mode logged out logged back in… pressed the button and it still loaded the I quickly opened the Design mode again to make sure it had saved the new URL’s and they were there… it was just not pulling up the new url… I deleted the buttons and readded them… this time they worked…

Similar behavior was happening with the actual widget… WHen i changed the URL of widget to display my localhost url… it would NOT display it unless i deleted the widget and readded it.

I see. I sometimes notice that while designing widgets. It rolls back to previous state but displays fine after enabling disabling design mode once more. That might be your issue. I’ll check that.

it happens to me tooo…