HTML Widget URL: setting URL value with Set Widget Value Action

Hmm good idea. I am revisiting this anyway soon. I had planned to redo some of my timetrex to incorporate our new Load Entity stuff. I just wanted to finish simplifying my system first. But @QMcKay got me thinking about it today haha.

What I want to do is store a unique pin # for an Employee Entity and this pin # can be read as a password to be passed to Timetrex. I think I got the Samba setup of it figured out… I just need to get my Timetrex implementation to read &password={:ENTITY DATA:Employee:Pin} Did I get that right or did i miss something?

{:ENTITY DATA:Employee:Pin} is that right syntax to pull a stored value I defined as Pin for Entity? how would I tell it what Employee is?

There is no need to tell a rule something it already knows :slight_smile: Widget’s command parameter is useful for passing static values.


Remove the first colon, since it is a Printer Template Tag…

{ENTITY DATA:Employee:Pin}

I think I am over thinking it… employee would have been set already by load entity … duh

@QMcKay your right I did not mean to type the : my brain made that connection because its what we were using previously in the post… I did not mean for my brain to do that haha.

Anyway I will stop here. When I am ready to implement this and if I run into trouble I will make a separate discussion for it.

I think you can store employee pin as a local setting where you load the entity. After doing it you can access it anytime with {:EMPLOYEEPIN} setting.


That is a better idea as it would hide pin# thank you I will use that idea.

I mean I can set it to make the Pin custom entity data hidden. Once again My fingers spitting out my thoughts when I did not mean for them too. Sorry if I just confused you lol. I want that hidden because I may use an entity search widget for some of the stuff I am doing. I do not want the chance of Pin showing up.

When an idea triggers another idea in my head I start to sort it all out and I may accidentally type my thoughts as they are sorted without any of the actual methods for them lol. I have to actively catch myself doing this so I do not confuse myself or anyone else.

Sometimes I wish my brain would was restricted to work in one state at a time like a computer it would help keep multitasking more organized lol anyway thank you you inspired me with some future projects.