Hw to setup inventory for a bar

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I apologize if this question has been asked, but I cant find an answer anywhere. So here goes:

I use SambaPOS at a bar and would like to track inventory with it, so I would like to track how much was used out of a 750ml bottle of brandy without having to add 3000ml purchased at the new transaction page. As I buy them in 750ml bottles.

I hope this makes sense and thanks again for this.

Set your base unit to ml Set your Transaction unit to bottle Set your multiplier to 750.

Make sure your recipe has how many ml per serving.

if you open multiple bottles there is no way to track it at specific bottle level unless you make a separate inventory item for each bottle of the same brandy and that would not work

This is how you should setup most food items unless they are bought and sold at the item level.

Example: You sell Brandy by the bottle you would want to setup a 2nd inventory item, second recipe, second product, and purchase it separately on the same invoice. You would set it up with multiplier of 1 and base unit =bottle transaction unit=case

Could call the products Poured Brandy and Bottle Brandy or something to that affect.


Thank you so much. It works like magic.

Hi, I have a related question (but my items is coffee not brandy). Let’s say I’ve created Inventory items Ethiopia beans (gr) for bar and Ethiopia pack(250gr) for sale. When coffee comes to warehouse it is tracked as packs. How can I make a transaction that converts a pack item into beans item?

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You create a product and a recipe for that product. The recipe includes the gr amount of Ethiopia Beans you sell in one pack. So you would include 250gr of Ethiopia Beans in the recipe for Product Ethiopia Pack.

It does not have to actually be a meal or a plate or a dinner for recipe… Recipe can be anything I have a recipe for Cups that includes straws with each cup for example.

Thank you for reply. probably, I should explain details of what I want to achieve. I’m trying to setup POS for few points with single DB. So basically I have coffee in packs 0.125, 0.25 and 1 kilo. We sell it and make beverages. Ideally, I’d like to have two warehouses (bar and store). So beverage recipes takes items from bar warehouse and sales takes product receipts from store warehouse. At bar warehouse we have one 0.250 pack of each type of coffee.
What I want to achieve: I want to separate tracking of packs for sale and tracking of beans on bar so at the end of the day report I can see 190gr of Ethiopia left and on bar and 20 pack at store.

Few questions how do you purchase it? You make one purchase and then you divide it up for the two warehouses? So you sell packages of the coffee and you use it for brewed coffee?

@emre So I have been toying with this and there are a few things I might request.

Can you give us the control of the transaction so Inventory Purchases Report is correct?



Two Inventory Transaction Types Created: Purchase Transaction and Merchandise Transfer Transaction

  • Local Warehouse - Purchase Transaction
  • Kitchen Warehouse - Merchandise Transfer Transaction

Right now it does not matter what type of transaction is defined it will count both transaction types as purchases in the Inventory Purchase Report and it will reflect cost accordingly.

Is there a way to give us control using Transaction Types to decide if one is an actual purchase or a merchandise transfer between warehouses. I would not be actually purchasing anything from my local warehouse to move it into my Kitchen Warehouse so it should just track it as a Merchandise Transfer not a purchase.

EDIT: Maybe I am thinking too hard on this. Let me know if I am thinking in the wrong direction before i go too far with this?

If you are transferring stock from 1 warehouse to another using a “Transfer” Transaction, just ensure the Cost is 0 for the items in the transaction. I do this all the time. Only Purchase Transactions should include a Cost.

Are you saying that the transfers are showing Cost coming out of 1 warehouse and being put into Cost of the other warehouse? If so, that it probably by design, since you may want to track the Cost of stock at different locations.

No I am aware of this… I am talking about just the Inventory Purchase Report. It shows as 2 purchases. I understand why, I am asking for an improvement so we can dictate this behavior. I will play with custom reports and look at the database structure to see if I can get something like I am envisioning. I still think it would be good to have the ability on Transaction Type to dictate what kind of transaction,purchase, MT, or whatever you want to name it.

Maybe I can do this with custom reports I will play with it.

Yes Purchase peport is another legacy report coming from V2 inventory implementation. If it helps I can group transactions by transaction type.

Right, all coffee comes to main warehouse first and then packages is moving to bar warehouse on demand.

Another thing that I can’t choose warehouse to credit items from. As far as I understand recipes takes items from warehouse that is specified in department configuration. Can I change this somehow?