I am looking to integrate online orders using an email parser

Our restaurant receives a lot of online orders from Grubhub, but the company does not want open their API to the public. They do send order emails, which can be parsed into json. Parseur [dot] com can parse a GH email into json, so I’m available to use their services. I am looking for someone reputable and who has had plenty of sambapos clients before.
Name your price and timeframe. Thank you.

if you expecting a windows service type app you probably won’t get much answer here. Most on forum would be more samba automation and script competent but less so c++ type stuff.

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Parseur [dot] com parses an email and returns a JSON, much like GloriaFood’s API. The script shouldn’t be too different than the js found in the Integrators’ Guide.

I could maybe do it, if I had the time…