I am New to Samba, anyone willing to point me in the right direction? I have limited knowledge in database programming

Hi All,

This is my very 1st time using Samba POS, I have a colleague with a small restaurant/ bar.
Samba doesn’t appear to be a buy off the shelf, ready to install system, or is it? I’ve purchased a Samba POS 5 license. Where should i start? is there a manual available?

Start with this and a lot of reading


No manual, there is so many ways to do things its hard to have a manual and the point of samba is that you make the system to suite you rather than an off the shelf system where it does a and thats it, with samba you can customise to make it to B, C, D even Z :wink:

Beginner advice…

Start with a single machine as a testing platform, just install basic samba, posibly if your feeling bold as a starter download and install SQL as youll need it if you intend to have a multi terminal setup. (Depending on your internet - its probably worth putting it on to download now if slow connection, its a big download :slight_smile:)

Tick the install sample data on install to give you somewhere to start.

  • Search, read and practice;

Product & Menu
Adding Product
Adding that product to the menu
Product Portions
Product tags (more relivent to food but generally usefull)

Tickets & POS Screen
Ticket Tags
Automation Command Buttons <-- BIG ONE
Entities <-- BIG ONE

Do a few basic tutorials, even if you don’t intend to use them for learning experience.
Recommend basic starter tutorials… (am on phone so links are tricky but quick search and youll get them)
Basic automation

  • Fast Cash payment buttons (Good to understand Automation Command Buttons and basic automation)
  • Print LAST Bill button (Demo of program settings)

When feeling more comfortable something like switch user (logout another user without paying a ticket/setting an entity AKA Hold ticket and others)

The forum is great place and your struggle to find a more constructive and helpfull forum elsewhere.
You’ll soon get familiar with some of the more active users, just remember though we are all just samba users like you just who have spent allot of time tinkering, we are not programmers or support staff however generally youll get a quicker and better response than most paid forums anyway :slight_smile:

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Thanks! @JTRTech I believe Samba can definitely add value to the client out of the box. I will start him off with a basic setup and grow him into more advanced features while i am learning.

What kind of business is it?

Small restaurant/ bar. He also offers catering and delivery services.

No sweat then, nothing extravagant :slight_smile: sample install will be a fair start once you get the products and menus on :wink:

Noted. A few questions off the top of my head.

  1. How can I track / view sales reports by departments. (Restaurant, Delivery, Catering)
  2. How do I setup refunds
  3. How to view customer account balances as a report?

These are three things i have not been able to figure out.

Not something Ive had to deal with but few options Ive seen people achieve similar using Departments and Ticket Types

Search it, there are a couple of diferent methods depending on how you intend to manage inventory etc.
Q did a good tutorial for one method.

This one is a little trickier depending on what your expecting.
The accounts screen from main menu will give you balances but expect youll also be wanting statements for which you will need to make a custom report.
There was a good topic on customer/account statements not so long ago.

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Ok, I did setup with ticket types and departments which works. I can see the amount of sales contributed by Restaurant, Catering and Delivery Departments…If i wanted to add $5 automatically to every delivery ticket, what do i need to setup?

Search for delivery charge :wink:

Again many ways to do, depending on how your selecting department/ticket type - ticket created rule with ticket type constraint, service charge/calculations, the list goes on.
Have a look for the google maps api, been waiting for a client which charges for delivery based on distance, can use google maps to calculate distance and then add charge accordingly :stuck_out_tongue:

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Got Delivery Charge Setup!!! How about setting the default customer address to print on delivery ticket?

Guessing your looking for entity custom data?!?!

Edit the customer entity type to add additional address firelds then add the corasponding template tage to your print template (depending on print structure) in the [ENTITIES:Customer] section if you have that setup (cant remember what is like in default teplate.

-- Customer entity format
<J10>Customer: {ENTITY NAME} | {ENTITY DATA:Phone}

If you add a Street field add a {ENTITY DATA:Street} tag in the template.