I Am unable to add service charge automatically please help!

Hi all, I followed this 2.3.13. How to Add Service Charge? – SambaPOS Knowledgebase and the charge is not been added automatically, I am using latest version of Samba POS 5, waiter still has to turn on charge, please help this is urgent, I cant deliver because of this and I been at it for 3 days now :frowning: Basically this is all I need to finish so I can deliver :frowning:

It is better to share some of your print screen “Calculation Type” and Calculation Selector" .
Surely, this function is working automatically if you follow the link exactly.
Make sure “Mapping” section is correct in “Calculation Selector”.

In addition to making sure the calculation selector is properly mapped to the ticket type(s), the button header must be blank. With a blank button header, the selector will no longer appear in the settle screen and the charge will automatically appear, update for the ticket(s) mapped.

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Check your Settle screen…

I am pretty certain your surcharge button should show up on that page…

like below

This surcharge will not be added automatically to the ticket…

You will need to press that button on the settle page for the amount to apply…
(Unless something has changed that i dont know about).

If you want the service charge to automatically apply to the ticket after say… ticket total is more than $88
or when they pay by card…

You will need to create some separate rules/actions to make this happen.