I can't add account type tag

I want to use account type tags to create multi level accounts but I
couldn’t. when I type any new tag here “accounts ===> account type”
then save the tags disappeared.

Sorry If I’m annoying you @emre , please inform me does account type tag works or not because I couldn’t find anything talking about this feature on the all versions.
thank you

It might be an abandoned feature. I cannot get it to save the Tag even in 4.1.82, nor the 5.1.60 Beta.

How do you think Account Type Tags will help in your scenario? Have you seen a sample of how they are used?

EDIT: Wait, I got it. Type a TagName, then hit the comma key (,) then type another one and hit the comma key again …

Still not sure how to use them beyond that though …

Thanks dear :slight_smile: I test your input way and it works.

regarding how it helps me in my scenario, I’ll use it to make the “Tag” as the first level of my account structure then the 2nd level will be the “Account Type” and the 3rd one is the “Accounts”, that will help in Reports,
I’ll update you just I’ll finish it with the steps in details.

one time again, thanks you :slight_smile: