I don see Rules of Kitchen

I have two departmen I need prining departmen1 of kitchen1 and departmen 2 of kitchen2 . but I can not maping Rules kitchen1 .Because I don see to Rules of kitchen departmen1

Main Menu->Printing->Print Jobs
Opps, that is V5.

Oh well, just find Print Jobs menu

No I don need setting print jobs. I need setting to departmen Printer . Because I have two kitchens and two departmens . I need setting Printer departman one go to kitchen one and Printer departmen two go to kitchen two

mapping is in print job

I don see maping departmen to print job

Ah, it is not available in V4.

Kitchen print job hidden in Ticket closing rule. You have to clone it and map original ticket closing rule to department 1 and clone one to department 2

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I don see map departmen in V5

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download current version


ok .thank you so muct