I don't see menu any more

For some reasons after selecting table B10, B11…I don’t see the menu come up any more. Go to “Settings —> Products” I saw Product List, menu still there. Please help me to get it back.


Just selecting tables shouldn’t do that. You changed something. What have you changed? Can you show screenshot with the issue?

Is it just those two tables?

Any table not just B10, B11. I installed both Samba 4 and 5, Could it be a problem? See the screen shot

Show your menu settings. Go to products and menu then show that.

Here we go

Open your menu up lets see that screen. Are you using both menus? Open both up show us next screen.

It seems my menu2 is empty, But I don’t know how to tell Samba use menu, not menu2

Check Departments and Ticket Types …

QMcKay is right you probably have Menu2 assigned to your Ticket Type. Menu2 according to your screenshots has nothing in it.

Wow Kendash, beautiful, I got it back. Thank you so much!!!

Another thing is Can we have automatically close a tab (example Menu List) when opening a new tab, for example Product List. Otherwise, we will have many tabs open at the same time.

No you can not automatically close them you have to press the X. That is so you can go back and forth easily. You will eventually find that its helpful and learn to like the fact that they stay open.

Try and get in the habit of just pressing the X when you know you do not want to go back to the tab.

PS: just curious but why did you create a second menu?

Oh, I don’t know how to create a new menu from scratch that’s why I created a second menu and play around it while still reserve the original one.

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