I have 2 printer connected to each PC by USB ,

I can print with the first printer in my Samba Server setup but not the other.

This is the error message i receive any time i try to print from the second printer

" There is a problem while printing. Check printer and printer template settings.

Error Message: The printer name is invalid "

please i need help

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On your second pc does the printer name match exactly the same name as the one on the sever pc?

Make sure when you installing the printers on the of that the name of printer should be exactly the same on every pc connected to server. This way, in samba pos printer options for ticket printer, the printer name on all of should also be the same. If the name is same in Windows , it should show same in samba.

Make sure printer names are matching then test and see if problem is still there

I have no printer installed on my Server PC but i have connected two different printers at takeaway side and Restaurant. Both using USB connections

Can any one help me with the steps to setup multiple ticket printers in different locations. Using USB Connections

For example:

One for the cashier at Takeaway department to print the bills
One for the Cashier at the Restaurant to also print bills

If i understand you correctly, lets say the name of my printer is Epson tm20 both of my printers should have the same name?

No, if you have say a receipt printer on eact terminal they would want to be named the same.
Two printers on one machine would need different names.

As an example, take a look at the printers I have installed. IF I have 2 terminals, that connected and both to print to one kitchen printer(example) then I would have to name the printer on other terminal exactly the same.(I

Then in samba

In this case I’m trying to setup on both terminals the kitchen printer, therefore on both terminal, The Printer Share Name, should read “Kitchen Printer”.

If you have say receipt printer and kitchen printer connected to server machine, then you would name (Example) Printer 1 as ReceiptPrinter(doesn’t have to be this name, can be anything you like) and Printer 2 would be named “Kitchen Printer”(doesn’t have to be this name, can be anything you like). Then on every other terminal you want to connect to network or server, you would install both printers on them and name them exactly the same as shown on server terminal.

Hope I’m making sense

If sharing printer via server I believe from memory you need to add the shared printer back to the server if that makes sence and for printer name put \SERVER NAME\Printer Name so that the serveris looking to the shared printer as well.
As all terminals will use that setting for the printer they will all need to look to shared printer as local printer is only available on the server.

Thanks Shivan and JTRTech for your help.

Currently i have installed the two printer locally to the each terminals Using a USB cable, without connecting to my Samba Server PC. please is it wrong to setup it up like that, since only one printer can print using ticket printer in the sambapos

So you got 2 terminals connected to samba server, and each terminal has 2 printer(total 4 printers) correct? And these printers are attached to each terminal via USB correct?

So you have 2 kitchen printers? One for each terminal? :confounded:

Not sure what you mean by that but printing in samba is extremely flexible so think you might have missed something.

Do you have each terminal with 1 printer?

Takeaway terminal - 1 Printer
Restaurant Terminal - 1 Printer

Which one is the server? or is that separate?

I have a three Terminals, Server terminal, Restaurant Terminal and Takeaway Terminal. Now i have connected two Ticket Printers to the restaurant terminal and Takeaway terminal by USB Connection Cable. The problem is that i have assign the ticket printer to the both the takeaway printer and Restaurant printer. when try to print from the takeaway printer its prints alright but the Restaurants printer does not print resulting in print error. please help me solve this issues. Thanks you

You will want to name the coraspondong printers on each machine to be the same ie;


  • Receipt Printer
  • Kitchen Printer

Take Away

  • Receipt Printer
  • Kitchen Printer

U mean i should Rename the Ticket Printer in sambapos to Receipt Printer at both Restaurant and Takeaway Terminals

Not the samba printer name the name of the printers in Windows.
Then select that name in ticket printer in samba.
The printer name option in samba is global for all terminals so the local printer needs to be the same on each terminal.

Do i have to do anything concerning Configuring the printers in the Server terminal. Much thanks for the support JTRTech

If they are local to each terminal you just install them normally on each terminal with the same name.
As for on server that’s erelivent. Printer settings are global not local so you choose the printer name for each on any machine and that is used on all terminals.

Basically took the words out of my mouth :stuck_out_tongue: