I have a chip and pin card terminal, can i get it to integrate with samba pos?

Hi i have a Chip and Pin card terminal which i use to take card payments.

at the moment i manually enter the amount into the chip and pin machine for each transaction,

is there anyway i could connect the terminal to sambapos5, so on the payment screen i could have a button i press, for example “card” and it will automatically send the amount to be debited to the card machine, so all the i have to do is ask the customer to enter his card and pin.

thank you

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Short answer is no, there is no built in card processing functionality in samba

There are a few discussions in the forum where a couple of people are attempting it but it would all be custom built by them

There is talks in the beta forum of card integration using a new web based system currently under development, still early days yet and there wont be card intgration to V5 in the short term