I love SambaPOS 5!

Today is my big day as I am about to deploy my SambaPOS 5, say, tomorrow!

The power of the software is amazing, the general idea how Emre makes it into somewhat a program generator is a great thing for people who are technically inclined. However, this software is not for the faint heart who are just an end user and expect to run off the shelf. You need a lot of tweaking and experience/knowledge of it. But once you fit the category of technically inclined and willing to “program”, this is definitely POS of the choice.

As some leaders in the forum have said, if you are end users, you SHOULD place an ad in the forum to have some experienced solution providers to setup your restaurant.

I am only a beginner in tweaking/programming the SambaPOS 5 and I do not know much about using rest of the more advance features like scripting, shell and so forth - actually, I barely grasped the syntax in the program and/or printer templates. I think a more organized manual would definitely improve the popularity of this software.

Well, I will be recommending this software(in fact, I should say platform because without the forum the software may be unless) to other programmers and solution providers.

I will be testing the performance from the prospective of an end user and report back. Initial impression is that it uses very little of the CPU in single user mode, a M5 CPU machine performs just a little bit faster than the a Z8700 and use less than 25% of CPU power in both machines. However, a noticeable lag is observed. Even the i7 R&D server(HP x360 laptop) with SSD I run on has a slight lagging which I attribute to the fact that this is a database operation and MS SQLExpress is not know for speed. In my next setup/experiment, I will try using MySQL to see if there is a big difference in performance.

In conclusion,
Congrats to Emre in developing such a great software for the community and other leaders in the forum helping other beginners to setup their own versions of SambaPOS


I wouldn’t agree with what you say here. MS SQL Server can perform very quickly and I wouldn’t say it’s “not known for speed” - that isn’t any known fact…

If you experience lagging it is usually related to network issues, lack of free ram or other programs running on the system. I definitely wouldn’t put it down to MSSQL just “being the way it is” which is not the case.

MySQL is a different database software and SambaPOS will not work with MySQL. It only works with MS SQL Server editions - LocalDB or SQL Express being the most popular for pretty much all use cases.

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Thanks for your insights. I agree the major issue would have been network issues or possible rules that caused it as I kind of remember performance degradation when one of the variable in a rule became undefined.


I have moved the DB server and Message Server into a desktop with i3 and SSD from i7 laptop with SSD plus using wire(instead of wireless) network, there is no more lagging occurring now. So agreed, the system including DB operations is confirmed to be not demanding at all. Having said that I now need to debug why my i7 laptop with wireless networking is performing poorly in the early setup even though it seems blazing fast when I run other programs.

key factor there I would say…

I agreed before even starting to debug. :slight_smile: