I mistakenly changed admin role to Cashier

Hello, Everyone I mistakenly changed admin role to Cashier. Cashier role I untick cannot open on Manage so how can I change role to admin back ? Please kindly help thanks

There are to places to set admin: at the user level and the role level:


but now I cannot click on the Manage to change it

do you have a master admin user configured?

If you login as another user with admin privileges you can access management.

I have only one Admin but I confuse to change to Role Cashier. how can I edit or change to Admin Role back ?

Login as your admin user, then enter management and make the necessary changes

I know but I my admin user I confuse to change Role so now Admin user cannot enter the management do you any solution for me thanks

If you made cashier admin login as cashier and you should be able to enter management.

I made cashier cannot enter the management and then I confuse changed Admin user to cashier role

I would try restoring a backup from before you made the changes

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@Sokreaseiy_Kuoch email support@sambapos.com and ask for help. They may need Anydesk remote access.


Thanks so much Tomorrow I will email to them

Would changing the role directly in the database with SQL Management work?

Yes, that should work.

While yes, I think something like that should be handled by support as Jesse suggested. I don’t think it would be a good idea to have the steps in open forum for one to find in a search.


Whoops, sorry, just trying to help.