I need connected tab with server pc

i need connected tab with server pc,
please prefer the best tab.

Guessing you mean tablet?
Search on the forum, there are reviews and comments of several models people have tried and tested.
Something like a surface will always be best performance but have price to go with it.
Just make sure it has a good wifi card in it and your wifi network is strong with good speed as most of the time its the network side of tablets which causes issues for people on performance.

i avail android and window tab but i dont know how connect the tab please help me…step by step… and where download sambapos android app and window app

the samba native android app is still in beta and not publicly available as far as im aware.

windows app is SambaPOS the same as on the PC/terminal hence the easyest option being windows tabled.
Alternative is RDP to remote desktop to a pc from the tablet which will work on android or ios tablets.

As far as connecting, windows tablet runs normal samba program and you connect the same as when you connect an extra till.
RDP you connect to the PC which runs samba and you just remote control.

All options are covered extencivly many times of the forum - try the search on top right of this site…


i connect window 8 tab

RT or normal?
If its RT you wont be able to run full windows programs.
If its normal windows (where you can get to a desktop) just download samba on it and install then set connection string to your SQL Express machine.

whats better RT or normal

Well if you want to use samba normal as you won’t be able to install samba on RT.
What’s better would be a newer model with Windows 10…

ok how to install RT

Please listed or I give in.
What windows is on the tablet?

Just download samba the same as on PC and install!!!

ok but how to use samba in ipad

You just said it want windows 8 tablet?

For ipad you need to used RDP app to remote control a PC with windows and samba on it.
Just google ‘iPad Microsoft RDP’ this is not Samba specific its generic tech.

ok done sir i connected window tab with pc but printer is not working in tab…

Samba prints to whatever printer has that name on the machine it is installed on - ie on the tablet you have to install/configure the printer and give it the name required or setup new printer option depending on your setup in samba.
If its a network printer you print direct from tablet, if its usb etc you have to setup shared printers and add the shared printer on the tablet…

sorry sir i am used in marvel printer but this printer is not working in tab…i install printer driver in tab but whos show error…

I dont know what printer that is, is it a network printer?

yes this is a network printer

So what error you get on tablet, install the printer on tablet in same way you did on the till.

showing error “not avail in printer”

But its working on till?