I need help setting up the printer

First off the printer works because I can print on it from Windows. But when I try to print on SambaPOS, it won’t do anything. I can’t even get it to print to the “demo printer”.

I have the “ticket Printer” set up to MY printer. (it shows in the software). In “print Jobs” I can see “Ticket Printer” under printer and “ticket Template” under template. “Ticket Template” seems all set when I look at the preview.

In “Actions” under “Execute Bill Print Job”, it says “Execute Print Job” and Print Job Name says “Print Bill”. Under “rules” and “print bill rule”, it seems to match the instructions.

Not sure if there are any other areas that need to be messed with. But when I select “Print Bill” in the POS, the tab turns color, but the printer just sits there. As I mentioned, I can’t even get it to print on the “demo printer”.

Never mind… I may have found the problem.