I need help with Label print template

Dear all team forum,
I really need help to figure the label print template.
We just got one customer who need to label print.
Model Printer: Xprinter XP-460B

May you give me some idea or guideline how to do it.
I would like the label print templates the same to these below image.
Thank you!!

Have you done anything at all yet?
Label printers can be tricky with propitiatory sodftware.
Have you tried just using as a windows printer in samba to see what output you get from even just ticket template?

Yes i have done something like below. but it seem not correct.
This is my input:

Here is my output:

Have you found a solution to your issue? I have a zebra printer and may want to work a similar setup.

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zebra printers use ZPL commands, I had a template for ZPL printers

Would you mind sharing your template