I need to add options to my menu items (extra cheese etc.) I forgot how. Help please!

I want to add 5-6 topping options to my burgers. Is there a way to make this available for all my burgers in one fail swoop?

Thanks in advance

Order tags
It’s in ticket section on managment.
One swoop depends on your product setup but they can be mapped by several factors to products.

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Under the tab “tickets”

Thanks for the reply but I am at like level 1. Can anyone send me a link to a tutorial or screen shots please?

In settings/manage go to tickets section on left menu then order tags.
Order tags groupa can have max/min qty and all sorts of configurations. You add a selection of tags and map to products.
Then if you select and order after adding it will show portions and order tags on right where menu usually is.
If you need to push order tags you can edit product properties within your menu and select the tickbox for autoselect which will select order after adding to ticket.

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