I request to developers to integrate Wordpress WooCommerce with SambaPOS

It is my request to Samba POS developers to do some thing about integration of WooCommerace with Samba POS because the current situation of Covid it is very important and highly demand from current and new customers. so please it is my humble request. thanks

That isnt a small undertaking, I imagine they would look to have their own online ordering system before woocommerse.
While woocom is useable for takeaway etc as did use during lockdown here it would however be very challenging to have a propper solution given the addons etc people may use.
We use a plugin to limit orders per 15min window however that’s than another system to handle and people would then expect such a feature to take into account onsite orders too, it becomes very messy very quickly.
I had looked at developing my own solution but just couldn’t justify the time it would take.