I want message box to appear JUST at start of transaction OR after FIRST product added

Currently when the first item is added to my order a message box appears reminding cashier to check customers ID if necessary. The only issue I have is that instead of only appearing only once, after the first item is added, the message box instead appears after every single item is added to the order. ive tried different actions to get it appear but it either doesnt appear or it still appears after i enter every single item

What setting should i use so that the message box only appears once at the start of the transaction?

First item selected, message appears and YES/ID Verified is selected

The next screen the item is added and the ticket tag “age verification confirmed” appears

This is where the red message box should stop appearing, however if i add another item it appears again as below

How do i only make it appear after the first item is added?

Go to Settings make a State called Think 21

Make an IDCHECK Yes Response:
Make an Update Ticket State action:
Put IDCHECK for State Name
Select Think 21 for State:

Make an IDCHECK No Response:
Make a second Update Ticket State action:
Put IDCHECK for State Name
Leave rest of the fields blank.

Put the Yes action in your On Order added rule as the first action listed under custom constraint.

Put the No action in your No Automation Command Value Rule for when you select No.

On your question put a custom constraint of {TICKET STATE:IDCHECK} NOT EQUALS Think 21

Make a Ticket Open rule put the No action on ticket open.

See if that works.

that didnt have any effect either :frowning:

Is it adding the Think 21 state if you pres yes… it will show at top of ticket
Show me a screenshot if you dont mind… Want to make sure you set it up right.
If you dont mind show me the two Update Ticket State actions you made.