I want show the Profit in Report,But the Product cost always be "zero",so finally can not get the correct profit

I already put the product cost in the inventory item, so now i want get the profit for each product, but after i modify the cost report, i got the profit are not correct

[Cost Report:5, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3]
>Name|Sale Price|Qty Sold|Total Sale|Unit Cost|Profit Margin

Because the "cost "always be zero, so the Profit are not correct.

You need to make an Inventory Purchase transaction. Having the Item Cost defined will not show you the Cost/Profit until you actually purchase some Inventory.

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There is no cost until something is purchased. SambaPOS does not have a way to manually add cost it is totaly dependant on purchases and using the inventory system. You would need to build a custom configuration of some kind to do a manual cost without using the inventory purchase transactions.

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Thanks a lot, I fix already.

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Thanks a lot, After i done the purchase, the profit is coming correctly.

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Can you please share the report design and script?

The Report is in the first post of the Topic.

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@QMcKay Noted, thank you

Dear @QMcKay, I tried to use this script but no data back

If you have no Inventory defined, or you do but have not made any Inventory Purchases, or if you have done both but have no Recipes defined, there is no way it will be able to figure out anything regarding Inventory, never-mind Cost.

How do you expect Inventory Reports to show anything when you have not defined Inventory Items, or even if you have, if you have not made a Purchase, or even if you have, you have not configured Recipes, so the system knows how much something costs.

It does no good to tell us that something does not work, without showing details. A blank Report Screen is not details of anything. I might as well be staring at a blank black chalkboard and you tell me nothing is there. No shit.

EDIT: sorry for my rant, but we cannot help you if you don’t help us.

Show screenshots of:

  • Inventory Item(s) that you have set up
  • Recipes that you have set up showing Inventory Items that comprise a Menu Item Product
  • an Inventory Purchase Transaction
  • a sale of a Product
  • the Inventory and Cost tabs of the Warehouses Screen

If I don’t make purchase or set the cost price, the report will not show anything? I thought it will get the sold items and sales prices at least. of course I didn’t share what you said because I expect to find something like that: That’s all why I’m asked

Correct. Because there is no way for the system to know the Cost of an Item unless you purchase Inventory and have Recipes that are mapped to a Product that you sell.

That is a a Sales Report which shows Products that you have sold. It is not an Inventory Report, nor a Cost Report, nor a Profit/Loss Report.

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