I want to hide the place I showed in the ticket (Ticket Total)

Hi :slight_smile:
I want to hide the place I showed in the ticket.
For the waiters not to see


“bakiye” >>> 15
For the waiters not to see

That’s the ticket total and you can’t hide that. Why would you not want waiters to see ticket total? That makes no sense.

I do not want the waiters seeing. total amount of the

You cannot hide it. I really can’t understand why you would hide that. What if customer asked waiter for total?

my waiters are getting cash from the customer to pay the time they sell. I am getting money for them in the evening. I compare with reports

Oh so your not a restaurant? Anyway no there is no way to hide that.

I’m selling drinks. I have my bar. waiters are taking orders. they enter the system. the customer is getting the money. Ticket is not closing. i am getting money for the evening

Oh your keeping tickets open. Why not just use customer account? You can charge to a customer or house account and then pay it out at end of day. That way you don’t keep tickets open and only you see balance.