I want to make the end of the day

I want to make the end of the day while there are open tickets for the hotel business

This is only possible if you convert those tickets to pre-order tickets. There is an action for doing that.

You cannot close the work period with open normal tickets. The two ways I know of to get around are as follows:

  • settle and close the ticket then close work period then reopen tickets
  • set ticket as pre-order, close work period, then change ticket from pre-order

No matter which way you do it, your reports will not match.

I closed your other topic it is the same question.

Can you describe how I can do it or do you have a document?

thank you very much for your help

This is not a basic setup topic and things can go wrong (in the reporting sense) if not done properly.

Please see these topics about pre-orders. They’re for different scenarios, but the functionality will be the same.