I want to say thank you, this software rocks, but please retain the UI, it is awesome


I just want to say, thank you for this amazing POS software. It flexibility has really help me a lot. Be it setting up a restaurant or a retail shop, it can really shape and change to fit in what I need.

I hope the UI stay the same as it is. I once saw someone post an UI that looks like Windows 8 metro, and I personally think it is a bit unprofessional. If indeed it has to be shaped in that way, I hope it can be customize as skin that we can choose.

This software rocks!!! CHEERS!

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The new style nav screen is something you can turn on and customize, it allows you to create additional buttons and features.
It is not the default setup - you choose to make a custom nav screen.
As too with the black theme in V5 you might have seen, this is an option to switch over.

The screen your seeing is Custom Navigation and the buttons are all custom made allowing you to create your own nav screen layout. I think you would actually learn to really like it. However it is optional and you can retain the one your familiar with.

This will all be available with v5.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but honestly I think it looks more professional than the drab one we had before. I also prefer being able to customize whats on mine.

My custom nav screen:

Default Nav screen:

As you can see its not about just buttons.


Hello. You’ll be able to use V4’s navigation screen. What you saw are just our experiments and may not reflect final setup. New navigation screen has more functionality. I think you’ll have better idea when you use.

This is how it appears on my Tablet PC.