I want to stop tickets from automatically printing and make a print button SOLVED!

By default when you close a ticket after creating an order it sends it to the kitchen. I want to turn off the kitchen printing and instead create a button that specificly does nothing but print to the kitchen. I have tried several tutorials and have failed miserably and usually ending up messing something up. Default settings are back now so what should I do. I know it has to do with creating an automation command but from there what do I do with actions and rules? Please help!!

I was thinking I could rename the close button to print and then create a new button called close that then sends you back to the main menu or pos screen. Sounds easy enough but all the methods I’ve tried have failed. What am I doing wrong

It would be nice to use the main menu button but that doesn’t work while a ticket is open you have to close first… and closing the ticket also prints it (currently) so help me solve this problem.

You need to edit the Ticket Closing Rule, remove the Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job Action. This will stop the orders printing to the kitchen when closing the ticket.

Now, create an Automation Command called Send to Kitchen.

Create a new Rule called Send to Kitchen. This rule will execute the Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job Action when the Send to Kitchen Automation Command is triggered.

Now, every time you click the Send to Kitchen button, the orders will print in the kitchen. However, because of the default setup of the Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job action, only orders with Status = New will be printed - so in this example, only the 2 new orders will print when you click the button:

To change this so that each time you click the button all orders will print regardless of their Status, edit the Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job action, clear the values from Order State Name and Order State:

Now every order will print when you click Send to Kitchen.

Thank you so much!!! This fixed my problem!!!

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My boss doesn’t want orders reprinting… he likes the idea of only the new items coming in so he doesn’t have to check his previous tickets to find out what is the new item. Instead of allowing everything to always print I’m going to leave it setup as only printing new orders… so when they close they can’t reprint so they still have to print before they leave is there an easy way to allow a reprint of old orders?

I fixed it. The send all button sends old and new the entire ticket. I just had to make a duplicate of the execute kitchen print and turn off the status new like you did so now they can close and use either button to print the entire ticket or just new items. I’m a genuis!! Lol.

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