I want to update order after submit

Hello sir,

I need to cover one case related to wrong order
For Example
I create 3 item in order after close this order customer say this is wrong order I need to replace it

How I can handle this case?

Gokul Hirani

You cannot modify an Order once it is submitted.

You must VOID the “wrong” order and create a new/corrected order.

I not need to change all order

I just need to 1 product from order

VOID would achieve this, it would still show on screen however unless you removed the VOID part of the ticket template it wont print…

Everything on a Ticket is an Order.

There are 4 Orders on this Ticket (left). You cannot modify any of them once they are Submitted (Ticket Closed). You can only VOID the “wrong” Order and create a “corrected” Order (right).

How can paid order to void
Because I need to change quantity after submit ordr

You would need to refund and then resell search the forum for refund button as youll need to create the refund system yourself